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ShulePro 2018 - 
The ultimate School
management app

(*continuous assessment)

Winner Connected Summit 2016- Best school managements software in Kenya
Download The best Kenya school management system and accounting software for Colleges, Secondary and Primary schools. We've got nothing to hide- Try before buying. ShulePro 2018 features a new finance module that combines Purchase Orders, School Fees, Petty Cash and Salaries into one using an intelligent algorithm. 

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You can also become a partner and resell ShulePro and let us worry about the customization, updates and new ideas. This school management software now has an timetabler. You can generate block timetables which include auto reminders to teachers so that you don't have to rush to that time table to check out your lessons.

"Serving learning institutions since 2011"
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ShulePro 2018 School management software Pro tip: How to create competition zones for your neighboring schools, schools within your county, a custom zone or schools that you own

Change log Update 2/20/2018 v19.0.6.0

  1. *Included support for NEMIS UPI and related features

*Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, West Africa (Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria - No ranks mode, Multi language school fees demand letters)
  1. Open ShulePro 2018
  2. Go to the exam you would like to compare and click Z/SYNC The Zone Sync window will open.
  3. Sync the exam

  4. Join a competition zone like Nairobi County MidTerm Exam or create your own like Kenya Private and subscribe to it
  5. Click View Results for Nairobi County Midterm Results or the Zone you created and asked schools to join
  6. You should have an analysis for the exam for the various schools in the zone. You can also show the zone's mark/ merit sheet which will rank all students in the selected zone. Eg. Ranks of students who sat for the Nairobi County Midterm exam. This zone students feature is optional you can opt in or out.

  7. Print and let students see their ranks in the entire zone.

  8. Or compare subject performance for any number of schools across a region like a county, district or custom zone

-See more tips like how to organize your vote heads and related accounts and sub accounts (Cash at bank, assets, revenue...), automatically regenerating trial balances and balance sheets after edits, entering the exam results remotely while at home or on the go in the using the demographics module for better planning, printing school fees demand letters, customizing receipt numbers so that they match the manual receipt after payment , sending report cards on email and SMS and so much more in the Knowledge Base

Features list

  1. Reports that matter to management. Sponsored students and social demographics. This helps the School's management make even smarter decisions.
  2. Customizable grades at all levels: You can change the grading scale, grading symbol of any subject, subjects group, exam or terms or semester.
  3. Deviation from entry marks. This could be KCPE Marks or transfer marks.
  4. Receive fee payments and print detailed receipts with vote heads. Previous balances are cleared first automatically if the student has pending payments. ShulePro clears the balances by either Priority or Ratio.
  5. Inbuilt Timetable module, this timetable includes sending the teachers the timetable on SMS.
  6. Use an inbuilt SMS messager to communicate fee balances and exam results to school parents. You can also use SMS to send Teachers Timetable alerts. Choose between online internet BULK SMS or use network provider SMS bundles eg. To use Safaricom's SMS bundles purchase SMSs from *188# Choose a bundle like 500SMS at 20 Kshs.
  7. If you have an internet connection at your school you can connect ShulePro to ShulePro Online. This allows you to upload or download results to your schools website only when you need to. Teachers can also enter results from the school website. NOTE: You do not require a full time internet connection for this, it has an ondemand sync button.
  8. This school management system does not require the internet unless you are using the optional BULK SMS or the SYNC to cloud. Note: Network provider bundles use the standard GSM network which means if you can send a text message from your current location. You can use them without connecting to the internet.
  9. Six different report card formats to choose from to choose from and an extra format for lower classes like Kindergarten, Baby class and Nursery. You can also enable Fee Balances on report cards.
  10. Works on the school network (LAN) ie. Multiple users can connect to the software there are security levels whose permissions you can set.
  11. Includes dormitories/ Houses
  12. No recurring fees, No annual fees with a ShulePro for Windows for Windows purchase
  13. No long term contracts
  14. Includes Books and Items issued eg. Uniform, Books. Basically a library system
  15. Multi currency reports Kshs, TZshs, UGshs and so much more 16. Custom vote heads for the schools
  16. Import previous students' arrears so that you get started quickly.
  17. This software allows you to store prepayments.
  18. Automatically clear previous balances when paying before paying current invoice
  19. Create custom Fee Structures for students's parents that deliver goods to school as school fees
  20. Multi subjects (You can have run both Primary School and Secondary schools in the app)
  21. Subject Privacy optional (Teachers can only access their subjects)
  22. Lock Exams in Admin mode to prevent further exam editing
  23. Easy data backup
  24. Weighted exams, set different exam weights and the percentage they contribute towards the final Term result
  25. "Clean Exam" option to ensure correct min scores
  26. Send report cards to guardians and parents email addresses as PDFs
  27. Default vote heads included for Kenya's Ministry of education requirements and guidelines, however change the vote heads to reflect your fee structures.
  28. Create and print class lists, generate students ID Cards and so much more.
  29. Student medical information, discipline, notes and reminders. Reminders and alerts for administrations on promised school fees payments by guardians and parents.
Other supported countries include Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Botswana, Zambia, Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands, Brazil,Canada, Cuba, Finland,France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel,Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand and Norway.

The best School Information System and School Management System in Africa now with ShulePro Online School management web app. This School Software can be downloaded for Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria School Management Software, Somaliland, BurundiSchool Management Information System, Angola, South Africa School Management Software. Schools in Uganda and Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria and other countries can have this school management system installed remotely using Teamviewer.

This school management system is widely used in Kenya and East Africa but supports a wide rage of other education systems in the world. You can use this application to collect school fees . School management System for kenya
Main options.

ShulePro Start screen
Create custom class labels.

Create custom classes
Generate timetable for the whole school then split it for different classes.

Block timetable generator
The finance module allows you to view collected school fees and other transactions like payments.

Create Exams and enter exam results. Customize the comments, Enter custom Principal messages for printing on report cards, add homework and assignments.

Create Exams and enter exam results. Customize the comments, Enter custom Principal messages for printing on report cards, add homework and assignments.


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