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Software modules
Class and students Management System


This is the main module in the software. You will add, edit and manage school and class students in this module.
Some Features
  1. Import students from excel sheets.
  2. Add phone numbers, entry marks, email addresses and houses.
  3. Promote or demote students
  4. Setup biomentrics for students
  5. Assign teachers to classes and subjects
  6. Setup students subjects.
  7. Print class lists.
  1. Generate school ID cards for the students.
  2. Add exam results and print various academic reports like report cards, subject perfomance.
  3. You can set the Kenya UPI Number.
  4. Other compatible grading systems Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria and more.
  5. Report cards have 7 different designs to choose from, options to give you flexibility to choose what you want shown in the report cards. Includes ability to send them to guardians/ students email addresses. You can also print.
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Accounting Software


Create different accounts like School Fund, Tuition , Operations, Projects accounts. Invoice students, receive school fees, pay suppliers and create a payroll in this module.
Some Features
  1. Create accounts and add voteheads default for Kenya secondary schools and high schools.
  2. Create annual or termly fee structures.
  3. Import existing balances
  4. Edit and charge students by transport zone when they use school transport
  5. Invoice students by class or group like day students and boarders
  6. Add custom items to invoices eg. Lost books replacement costs
  7. Receive payments and issue 58mm, A4 receipts
  8. Receive and automatically receipt government bulk payments for each student
  9. Bulk SMS send SMSs to phone numbers using this system. You can also use your favourite network in your country by taking advantage of SMS Offers. Eg. In Kenya, You can purchase a safaricom SMS Bundle at a good rate of 100Kshs for 1500 SMS by dialing *188#.
  1. Create and print fee balance letters
  2. View balances by class, stream, group or student
  3. View or print the fee register
  4. Add supplies and create purchace orders.
  5. Create school staff salary templates using the software.
  6. Create and print the payroll and payslips for staff in the payroll system.
  7. Daily collections reporting.
  8. Multi currency Eg Set Kenya Shillings in reginal settings on your computer.
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Timetable generator

Timetable and Scheduling

The software includes a free timetabling software for primary schools, high-schools. Scheduling is done automatically.
Some Features
  1. Timetable now available separate.
  2. Checks for conflicts.
  3. Specify preferred teaching times or days for some subjects
  1. Lock slots to some teachers and subjects
  2. Easy stroked subjects.
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The Application Setup Module
System Setup image


Manage the school's settings with this module.
  1. Setup automatic admission number if required.
  2. Setup next receipt number if required.
  3. Add or edit Gender, Houses or School Departments
  4. Setup class and stream names, Edit term names
  5. Edit exam names, comments and subject families
  1. Setup the default grading system.
  2. Setup ranking mode (Points or Marks and Either ascending or descending).
  3. Edit or add school subjects. Customize subject grading depending on class
  4. Setup transport zones and billing categories.
  5. Setup biometrics.
  6. Bulk SMS for attendance notifications.
Accounting software for Secondary and Primary schools.